2 Jul 2011

Saturday Snap: For Conrad, whom we loved


This week's photo is dedicated to the memory of Conrad Quashie, one of the three 'gap year' boys who died in a coach crash in Thailand last Monday. Conrad was known, and loved, here at York Rise as his mum is a close childhood friend of one of our group. He regularly visited over the years and played out with our children, being of a similar age. He was popular, warm, funny, kinda cool as well, being the eldest; a truly lovely boy with a natural and easy charm, one of the best. Conrad, his mum, his sister and all their friends and family are in our thoughts, the same for the other two boys, Max and Bruno. Their deaths have touched our lives here with sadness and brought unimaginable grief to their families. It's unfathomable that this has happened and I wonder, how does life get this unjust?

Today's photo of Echinacea Purpurea was taken in the Urban Physic Garden in Southwark, about which I'll write more later.


  1. What a nice tribute Caro - life is so unfair sometimes. Your pic is lovely and seems appropriate for the occasion with its drooping petals looking rather sad.

  2. I read this story on the news, my heart goes out to all his family & friends.

  3. Thank you both,Elaine and Rachel, for your kind thoughts. Caro x

  4. A heartfelt post! Flighty xx

  5. Yes, the sentiment is very genuine and quite hard to put into words during these difficult and heart-renching days. Thank you for commenting Flighty. Caro x


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