23 Jul 2011

Blue Skies at Dawn! (The Saturday Snap)

(That title is for Flighty - I couldn't resist after his comment on my recent post, The Zucchini Chop!)

It's been a busy week, almost too much happening in fact so, to make the most of another (frankly, by now unexpected) day of dry weather, I zipped down to the veg patch early, postponing my weekly slog to the supermarket. Blue skies and warm sunshine graced the veg patch by 7.30 a.m. (not exactly the dawn of my post title but good enough), a welcome turnaround after the night-time rain that had still been falling three quarters of an hour earlier.

Saturday mornings here are quiet, there's hardly a soul about, but it was still a treat to see this gruff looking wood pigeon perching on the wall.  What surprised me was that he stayed there, even when Geordie Frank (neighbour, pensioner and my erstwhile garden labourer) spotted me reaching for my camera.  "Alright then, Flower" he bellowed from the other end of the block.  "What're you up too, eh? Aw heck, look at that bloody great pigeon, what a size, heh heh, 'e's far too fat to fly." (Guffawing loudly while ignoring my pleas to shush, stop, be quiet ... pleeeease!)

Wood Pigeon
:: Wood Pigeon, aka Columba Palumbus which I think suits it very well ::

So, I got my shot, then managed a second closer photo and then Columba Palumbus, who'd had enough, simply turned tail and walked off, ploughing it's way through the ivy.

Onwards to the veg patch to plant out some Strawberry Popcorn, recently gifted from Victoriana Nurseries in Kent.  I'd ordered this a tad late so it needed to go straight in to a bed which I'd already prepared for it, having mulched it a few weeks ago and then covered it to keep it warm and weed free.  The first plant went in and, in the blink of an eye, a small grasshopper jumped on to the corn leaf.  My first sighting of the year.  Quietly and quickly, I reached again for my camera but I could have taken my time, he stayed there for half an hour or more, basking in the warm sunshine. Had he travelled from Kent?  I don't know; but I do know his presence added to the enjoyment of my morning.

Jiminy Cricket
:: Ah! Grasshopper! (Not cricket, who have longer antennae) ::
I spent a happy few hours in the Veg Patch yesterday, got loads done, got two Saturday Snaps and now keeping my fingers crossed for more dry weather so that I can get the rest of my planting finished.

Posts may come thick and fast this week as I have such a lot to tell.  Exciting times in the veg patch (for me, at least!)  Hope you'll join me,  Caro xx

P.S. In finding the link for Victoriana Nurseries, I have just read of the demise of the Shirley family's beautiful dog, Polar Bear. Stephen Shirley writes of the loss to his family in a very heartfelt way and I feel very saddened by this news. My sincere condolences to all the family. With love, Caro x


  1. Thanks for the mention. This post title sounds like a Biggles book!
    Terrific photos, I especially like the grasshopper.
    A busy post reflecting a busy time, which makes me feel rather guilty at just how little I've done lately!
    Flighty xx

  2. Obviously you were not the only one out and about appreciating the early morning sunshine. Good decision to postpone that supermarket shop:)

  3. Who needs supermarkets, when you have an allotment to tend. Great narrative and superb shot of the grasshopper. Am imtrigued by Strawberry popcorn?!

  4. I hope the reason that the wood pigeon is so plump isn't that he's been feasting on your crops. My sweetcorn is still looking very yellow, there's time for it to perk up yet so I'm not giving up just yet. So sad about poor Polar, it tugs at my heart whenever I read such sad news on blogs.

  5. Flighty, glad you enjoyed the post title and I'm sure you'll catch up with your plotting if the fine weather holds.

    Anna, yes I went much later in the day and had the added satisfaction of having spent most of the day outdoors.

    Laura (Patio Patch), unfortunately I still need the supermarket sometimes - wouldn't it be great to do without! I'll be writing about strawberry popcorn very soon.

    Jo, I've just read that wood pigeons love cabbages and other brassicas - I'd better get the nets out for my sprouts and cauliflowers, else Christmas dinner will be sadly lacking!


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