2 Apr 2011

Eventide ...

Sometimes it pays to look up from your keyboard:

:: 7.35 p.m. Sunset over Hampstead Heath, across the rooftops ::

Typing away this evening (talking about wildlife ponds with Flighty), glanced out of the window to see this most extraordinary Caribbean-like sunset.  Within 15 minutes, the sun had slipped over the horizon into night.  What a totally marvellous end to the day - hope it bodes well for some good Sunday gardening tomorrow!


  1. That's a very fiery looking sunset which I didn't look up and see!
    Thanks for the linked mention, and have a good Sunday! Flighty xx

  2. Lovely sunset! I almost never see the sunset here as we live in the woods. Are those antennas? Never see those anymore either. Everyone has a dish here.

  3. Gorgeous photographs! I do miss Hampstead Heath :(

  4. Caro (Urban VP)3 April 2011 at 08:20

    Sunday morning and the day looks bright, birds in the tree outside my window are chirruping away (tits, robins, starlings). A promising day for the garden!

    Flighty, I hope there'll be another breathtaking sunset soon for you! xx

    Becky, hello and welcome to my Veg Patch. You must get some glorious dappled woodland light where you live. And yes, those are antennas! Dartmouth Park (adjacent to Hampstead Heath and where the flats are) is a conservation area so no satellite dishes allowed!

    Hi Karen, don't miss the Heath too much - you can always visit! - you'd have to do without your beautiful chickens! xx

  5. Those photo's are awesome I love sunset skies and the silhouette's look brilliant.

  6. Thank you Maureen, although I can't personally take any credit as all the awesomeness was supplied by nature! It was pure luck that I glanced up and noticed how pink everything was in the room so looked out of the window. The view was quite breathtaking and it was a privilege to have seen it. xx

  7. saying "hi" :)
    hopped over from flighty's blog.
    that's a lovely sunset.

  8. Caro @ UrbanVeg Patch6 April 2011 at 14:58

    Hello Alison, welcome to the Urban Veg Patch and thanks for saying hi! I bet you see some spectacular sunsets in Malaysia as well! This one, though, is a rarity in England and made more awesome because of that!


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