26 Aug 2009

A Ripening of Radishes…

radish, Carltonware Lobster plate
I'm so excited to bring you this photo, not least because I've been allowed to use L's beautiful Carltonware Lobster plate. Look what we found in the Veg Patch this morning! And not just these, but a very satisfying bumper crop.

But there is a downside as I discovered when I skipped round to share the news with the group. I'm the only one that actually likes eating them. (Gasp!) It seems everyone loves the colour, the shape, the visual contrast they bring to a leafy salad. They just don't like putting them in their mouths. Who knew?

So, chalk this one up to experience. We should only grow what we want to eat. And I need to find either a) lots of radish recipes or b) a stall at the local farmers' market.

Can't resist! Another Dictionary Moment! The word 'radish' is derived from the Saxon, rude, rudo, or reod (ruddy), or from the Sanskrit rudhira, meaning blood, referring to the bright red colour of the vegetable. Sanskrit and Saxon? Now that's what I call interesting, but I may not actually be helping my cause here - all that talk of blood.


  1. hei, don't worry, york rise grower!! I love radishes (and those you gave me today went down really well with my green salad ...)

  2. Hmmm… now who did I give radishes to today?? Haha, just joking, I know who you are! Glad you enjoyed them! (Mine didn't get as far as the salad, I ate them straight after a quick wash under the tap. Mmmmm. Yum. Yumyum. Etc.

  3. Hey York Rise Growers you can "sell" the radishes to other Time Bankers if you want too. All you need to do is decide roughly how many credits you want for them (I would say around 2) and then let me know and I'll email out the offer. We have some chillis in the Somers Town garden that you can "buy" for credits. Clare


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